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Student, Start-up Entrepreneur, IT Analyst, and Technical Support

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  • Location Cebu City, Philippines
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Hello! Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my career website. I would like to introduce myself here. Alongside my day job I spend time designing websites, coaching start-up small businesses. I’m well-versed in project management and, a customer relations expert. I’m currently a Client Support Specialist and a voice actor, I started this job after I graduated last October 2018 with the program Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at University of San Jose – Recoletos. Just recently, I graduated my post baccalaureate degree at Cebu Technological University – Main Campus. That being said, I have completed two college degrees already. I am a social media addict, a travel blogger. I am currently in a relationship with my very beautiful girlfriend named Sel Mari. Uggghh, I wanna hug her so tight. Blogging and internet-surfing is my passion – this is where I truly feel at home. I welcome you to learn more about me and my career on my website. Feel free to contact me. I welcome your feedback, criticism and, of course, inquiries.

Professional Skills

Website Design

Work Experience

2014 - 2015


Filipino 2

As an elder, my position doesn’t get to sit back, enjoy the title, and stop contributing. I have to contribute more, as well as moderate the clan.




I was always prepared to commit a large amount of time to clan management. Delegated responsibilities to other trusted members e.g to my co-leaders.



Flip Avenue 2

Acting as a leader by demonstrating what it means to be a member of the clan. Being a co-leader involves trading responsibilities for other responsibilities. Using own judgment to add new members to the clan, kick out the ones that are misbehaving, and overall keep the clan peaceful.


Student Intern

Bureau of Immigration

Principally tasks to assist with the administration and enforcement of immigration, citizenship, and alien or foreign students’ admission, registration, processing of Visa Extensions, Payments, releasing of processed documents and, including the Derogatory Section tasks.


Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

University of San Jose - Recoletos

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Asian College of Technology

High School Education

Montañeza National High School



It is not simply the huge rewards for individuals that make the idea of studying and working in the fields of information technology and international relations, however, but also the effect that these sectors have on all our lives. Far from being concerned simply with individual gain, understanding IT as part of our global innovation helps you to see how it shapes our world. I like to keep up with the constant, exciting developments in the world of technology by reading newspapers, magazines and websites. I also enjoy reading about figures in industry and find that reading about their life stories inspires me to emulate them. Inspired by their continuing commitment to their communities I also regularly undertake charity and voluntary work.

My Interests

  • Inline Skating
  • Watch Movies
  • Exploring
  • Skateboarding

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